Welcome to the MPN Newcastle BIG GIG 2021!

Our annual Big Gig has become a legendary celebration of all of our Wider Opportunities programmes in Newcastle.
Each year, thousands of primary-aged children from schools across Newcastle get together at Sports Central at Northumbria University to showcase their achievements, with a morning of workshop activities and an afternoon performance for teachers, parents and carers.
This year, our Big Gig will be a bit different...but we would still love you to take part!  We will be holding a virtual event on JUNE 15th 2021 and would love for your school to get involved.
Details are coming soon...but for now, see below for how to access the music for this year's Big Gig so that you can get playing, practicing and perfecting this year's pieces!
Big Gig 2021:  Music Download
This year, we are celebrating the pieces from our Local Heroes project which featured in the spring and summer terms of 2020, providing an opportunity for everyone to get involved with making music from home. 
Each piece for this year's Big Gig celebrates a different genre of music, with fun play-along parts, karaoke tracks and an accompanying video featuring our awesome MPN Newcastle music tutors:
  1. The Keel Row (Folk)
  2. The Final Countdown (Rock/Pop)
  3. Ode to Joy (Classical)
  4. Over the Rainbow (Musical Theatre)
  5. I Feel Good (Funk and Soul)
  6. Three Little Birds (Around the World)
  7. In the Mood (Jazz and Blues)
  8. Let's Stick Together (Local Singers)
  9. Can't Stop the Feeling (Dance Music)
You can download this year's music and accompanying backing tracks FOR FREE at:
Big Gig 2021:  YouTube Resources
You can find all of our accompanying YouTube videos for this year's Big Gig pieces on our MPN YouTube channel at:
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You must consent to the use of advertising cookies to allow this YouTube video to show.