Music SLA 2018-2019

Dear Head teacher/Head of Department/Music Coordinator,

Welcome to Music Partnership North - Newcastle Service Level Agreement for schools 2018-2019

As you all know Music makes an important contribution to the life of every school and should be celebrated, promoted and encouraged.”


As part of a Music Education Hub, Music Partnership North is committed to working in partnership with schools to support them in meeting the aspirations of the National Plan for Music Education (NPME).


The Music Education Grant (MEG) that we receive through the Arts Council England (ACE) is given to help us achieve the core and extension roles of the NPME. Following recent funding confirmation from ACE, we are now in a position to publish our Service Level Agreement and allocate funds to support your schools music programme from September 2018.

In return for the allocated funds we request that schools

  • Provide the required data to MPN when requested.
  • Ensure core and extension roles of the NPME are achieved.
  • Where a whole class (WCET) programme is purchased a member of the school staff is present in all of the lessons and is fully engaged in the programme

Ofsted and Arts Council England also require Music Education Hubs to have regular and supportive, conversations with each of their schools about the quality of music education. A simple audit tool has been specially designed to help schools identify where support is needed, an updated Self Evaluation Toolkit will be forwarded to you shortly. Over the next two terms I will be contacting you to arrange a time to discuss your provision in more detail.

I look forward to further developing our partnerships and continuing to improve the quality of music education in Newcastle  

Georgina Biddle

Senior Specialist Music Service 

Music Partnership North - Newcastle