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We promise to make the best use of each donation to help reach as many students in Newcastle.


In 2008 8% of students who were taking GCSE maths also sat music GCSE and in 2017 this reduced to 5.5% with few pupils also taking A level music. Through your donations we will continue to reach more and more students and provide extra curricular activities to help maintain a balanced curriculum.


We will keep you updated with our work (unless requested otherwise) and show the progress your donation is helping to achieve. We will treat your personal information with respect in full accordance with your preferences and UK law.


In response to your generous donations, we promise:


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  • If you would like to allocate your donation to a particular area of our work we will respect your wishes, and where this is not possible, we will advise you of this and proceed as you request.


    We endeavour to provide exceptional supporter care and so when you contact us we promise to:

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  • Treat all complaints seriously, investigate them fully and report back to you with a solution

  • Welcome and encourage feedback from you to improve our work



    Thank you for your ongoing support - together we can change and shape a young person’s life through music.