Big Gig 2018 Invite

Following the great success of last year’s event, you are invited to bring your instrumentalists to the



 A celebration of our Whole Class Instrumental teaching programme at

Northumbria University Sports Central

9.30am – 2.30pm Tuesday 19th June 2018


The whole event takes place within the school day... in one safe, spacious venue with good access and facilities... and parents can be invited to enjoy the result.


The day is open to any classes receiving whole-class instrumental tuition (any instrument) and to any other smaller groups of primary school instrumentalists... and their teachers.


The sheet music for each instrument and supporting backing tracks will be available on request. Visiting MPN tutors will be able to prepare the pieces as part of their regular programme.


A full list of the music to be played and further details of the day will be forwarded to contact email address. Resources are available from MPN website   

To enrol your group(s), please complete and email form by 29-3-18